Hedgehog Medical Privacy Policy

Last updated: 2019 December 23

The Hedgehog Medical Company (“Hedgehog Medical”) is committed to protecting the privacy of its users and the persons visiting Hedgehog Medical’s web pages. Any personal data provided to Hedgehog Medical through these web pages or related to the downloading or use of the products or services of Hedgehog Medical is processed pursuant to the following guidelines:

Hedgehog Medical will process any personal information of the users of its products, services or web-site only pursuant to the applicable data protection legislation, including lawful purposes relating to recruitment, marketing and license management. Hedgehog Medical has legitimate interests to process the personal information of the users for such purpose, and such interests is not being overridden by the privacy interests of the user.

Hedgehog Medical may process personal information that:

  • a user actively provides during account creation or otherwise in response to forms or questionnaires, or sales inquiries and transactions such as the name and physical address, email addresses, telephone numbers, and employer or a user;
  • is available from third parties related to or relevant for the use or licensing of the products and services of Hedgehog Medical, or
  • is related to the use of the website, products or services of Hedgehog Medical such as download history and IP address.

Your data is stored for the duration of your use of the services provided by Hedgehog Medical and as long as your account is valid, and thereafter the applicable period for limitation of legal claims, and any additional periods required or permitted under applicable law, such as license management purposes. We take every reasonable step to ensure that your personal data is only processed for the minimum period necessary for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy.

Hedgehog Medical does not sell personal information to third parties. Hedgehog Medical may engage service providers to process the personal information. Also, Hedgehog Medical may for its business purposes and subject to the limitations of the applicable law, transfer such personal data to third parties to the extent such transfers are reasonably necessary for the business purposes of Hedgehog Medical.

Given the global nature of Hedgehog Medical’s business, processing information for the above purposes may involve a cross-border transfer of the information provided to Hedgehog Medical. Any cross-border transfer of the information including any transfers outside the EU/EEA will be carried out in strict compliance with the applicable law to ensure protection of your privacy. Any such transfer may be carried out on the basis of using appropriate contractual measures (e.g., using European Commissions Standard Contractual Clauses). You may obtain a copy of the relevant Standard Contractual Clauses (where applicable) by contacting the Hedgehog Medical using the details set out at the end of this policy.

In addition to the information submitted to Hedgehog Medical via the website, Hedgehog Medical may collect information about visits to it's web pages to improve Hedgehog Medical’s services.

Hedgehog Medical asks that you do not send, and you do not share any sensitive personal information (e.g., Social Security numbers, information related to racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religion or other beliefs, health, criminal background or trade union membership).

Please note that by sending your personal information to Hedgehog Medical or by downloading any available software on the website of Hedgehog Medical you are explicitly acknowledging the processing and transfer of such information in the way and for the purpose mentioned above.

Hedgehog Medical would like to keep you updated and send you news and information by email or other electronic means. For this purpose, Hedgehog Medical may ask for your consent in the form, “Send me news and information on products and services” or a similar wording. By ticking or clicking such consent you will receive emails and other electronic communications from Hedgehog Medical regarding news and information on its products and services including offers that Hedgehog Medical makes for such products and services as well as invitations to participate in events or surveys. For representatives of corporate customers or potential customers, or customers who have obtained a Hedgehog Medical product or service, Hedgehog Medical may send such news and information without a consent. You may opt-out of receiving such news and information at any time.

Hedgehog Medical will keep your information secure by taking appropriate technical and organisational measures against its unauthorised or unlawful processing and against its accidental loss, destruction or damage. Hedgehog Medical will do our best to protect your personal information, but we cannot guarantee the security of your information which is transmitted to our website, applications or services or to other website, applications and services via an internet or similar connection. If we have given you (or you have chosen) a password to access certain areas of our websites, applications or services please keep this password safe – Hedgehog Medical will not share this password with anyone.

Hedgehog Medical may update its Privacy Policy from time to time. If any change materially reduces your rights or the obligations of Hedgehog Medical under this Policy, we will post a prominent notice in this section of the web-site of Hedgehog Medical notifying users when it is updated.

According to the General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679), you have the following rights regarding your personal data:

  • Right of access to your personal data
  • Right to request us to rectify incomplete or incorrect personal data
  • Right to object to or restrict the processing of personal data and to object to automated decision-making
  • Right to request us to erase personal data
  • Right to transfer personal data to another controller
  • The right to opt out of receiving electronic direct marketing communications from us: All electronic direct marketing communications that you may receive from us, such as e-mail messages and SMS-messages, give you an option of not receiving such communications from us in the future.

According to GDPR article 77, you are entitled to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority concerning the processing activities carried out by us. Such complaint may be lodged in particular, in the member state of your habitual residence or place of work or where the alleged infringement took place.

If you have any questions or wish to exercise your rights, contact us via email to info@hedgehogmedical.com. We will use all reasonably available resources to respond to any such request without undue delay.


Hedgehog Medical has an increasing need to better understand how it's products and product features are used. Application data collection AKA telemetry can provide valuable information about user behavior, which can be used to improve our tooling, tool workflows, and user experience. The following rules define how Hedgehog Medical collects and uses collected data. Our priority in data collection is to respect the privacy of all our users. The rules apply to Hedgehog Medical's tools and interfaces, such as Measurements from Arterial Ultrasound Imaging (MAUI), and the web based functionality available at hedgehogmedical.com.

Data Collection

Data collection is an opt-out feature for MAUI all users. By default, data collection is turned on in MAUI. Activated data collection may be de-activated by the user at any time in the tool-specific settings. If this setting cannot be found by the user in the MAUI software, please contact info@hedgehogmedical.com for instructions on how to change this setting. Collected data will be transmitted to the data collection backend. Users can examine all the collected data in an easily readable and actual transmission format, which may be the same. Users may request the information tied to their account by contacting info@hedgehogmedical.com. Users may also request that their information be deleted. Unless expressly requested otherwise, user data will be retained for the duration of the licensing contract (service) between Hedgehog Medical and the user and a reasonable period of time after the contract expires. Hedgehog Medical may contact a user by the email address they provided, after the account has expired to inquire if the user would like to renew, pause, or renegotiate a license for the MAUI software service.

What is Collected?

We do not store on our servers or transmit off of the device running the MAUI software, any video data, image data or the results produced by running the MAUI software. Collected data can be divided into two groups:

  • Environment data
  • Statistical usage data

Environment data contains information about the software version, account, platform and so on. This data is static by nature and contains no information about the user activities. Statistical usage data contains dynamic data about feature usage, usage frequencies, and usage times. No personal identifiable information, as defined by data protection laws and regulations, such as GDPR, is collected other than the information explicitly provided by the user when signing up for an account.

Data records are identified by a unique id which may be tied to a user account. No other machine id, network address, or IP address is collected. No paths, folder or file names, or video names are directly collected; if any such information is sent, it will be hashed before being transmitted. This process (hashing) changes a potentially sensitive name into a unique (but repeatable) identifier. IP address, from which the collected data record originates, are not stored in the data collection backend.

Data Usage

Collected data contains only such data sources, which Hedgehog Medical utilizes in one of the following use cases.

Customer Journey

  • What new users do to start with Hedgehog Medical?
  • Do they find the essential features? Do they use them?
  • Do they use tutorials and examples? Which ones?
  • Are they stuck with some functionality? For example, begin a project but never process a video.
  • How behavior changes, when new on-boarding features are added?

Improved Retention

  • Where do new users give up?
  • Do they ever successfully use tools, features, and process videos?
  • How much time the same user puts into MAUI settings, restarting videos and processing videos? How do the times change over time?

Product Roadmaps

  • How do product usage patterns change?
  • What are most/least popular products/features?
  • Which platforms are used?
  • Which settings are used?

Usage Data Analysis

  • Correlation of download and usage statistics
  • How collected data correlates to data collected in customer surveys?


  • It may be interesting for the community members to see, in an anonymized report, how others use the Hedgehog Medical software.

Data Transfer

Collected data will be stored into backends under full control of the Hedgehog Medical business infrastructure team. The team will create statistics reports for Hedgehog Medical employees, who need the data.


Collected data will be deleted from the backend after five years. Hedgehog Medical is willing to delete data a user does not want to share any more, to request account deletion and all associated data, contact info@hedgehogmedical.com


Hedgehog Medical keeps this privacy statement up-to-date by making changes or additions from time-to-time. The changed version will be published on https://hedgehogmedical.com/users/privacy.